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Frequently Asked Questions

Inbox Insight offer a range of multi-channel B2B marketing services to increase demand for your products and services. We can generate high quality sales leads; drive targeted web traffic; and create new and engaging content. Find out more by clicking here.

We publish a wide range of highly targeted B2B email bulletins to a subscriber base of over 6 million senior professionals. We will include your content for download on our Insights for Professionals website and within our email bulletins targeting relevant audiences.

When the subscriber wants to download your content they submit their contact information. If they match your criteria they become a lead. We will only ever send you leads from people who have requested to view your content.

Our audiences include all types of business decision maker, across all industries and business functions. The main target markets include IT, Marketing and HR professionals, along with General Management contacts within small businesses and corporate organisations.

Inbox Insight’s primary publishing brand is Insights for Professionals (IFP). To start receiving our email bulletins, or to amend your preferences, you can visit the IFP website.

We pride ourselves on being able to get the most of your marketing collateral. Our experienced team will advise you on the content that will perform the best for your target audience and will provide creative advice to ensure that your campaign runs smoothly.

No problem! We can create content for you, or we have other digital products to help you generate web traffic, brand awareness and market research.

Yes, simply send over the lead template that you need us to use, or we can we can design templates to make uploading into your CRM system quicker and easier.

We have a team of Lead Administrators in-house, who are responsible for reporting on the progress of each campaign. They are able to send you lead reports on the day(s) you require them and in a format that suits you.

Yes, simply send over the lead template that you need us to use, or alternatively, we can design templates to make uploading into your CRM system quicker and easier.

We’re also able to post leads straight into major CRM and marketing automation platforms such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Eloqua and Pardot. All we ask is that you complete an API integration form before the campaign launches, which your dedicated Media Consultant can send to you.

In most cases it is fine for clients to provide us with their own third party tracked link. Don’t worry if you do not have one of these as we can provide a full click/open rate report at the end of each campaign.

However, most of our campaigns are on a Cost Per Lead basis with a guaranteed number of leads to deliver, so you know exactly what you’ll receive before you begin.

All recipients of Inbox Insight bulletins have opted in to receive the bulletins which are most relevant to them.

We are committed to responsible email sending practices. All our bulletins always contain our contact details, full opt-out and unsubscribe options, as well as header list unsubscribe functionality. We are also registered for FBL (Complaint Feedback Loop) with all participating ISPs, and our system will automatically and immediately suppress further sending upon receipt of any such reports.

This consistently provides higher than average click rates and a high level of engagement between you and your target audience.

We have an experienced team of Campaign Executives who take your content and work tirelessly on providing you the very best copy for your advertorials. They will help get your campaign approved and live, whilst providing translations if your lead generation campaign is running internationally.

We tailor each of our campaigns to our client’s individual requirements, so it is best to contact us to see what package we can offer you. Get in touch today to talk about your options.

An invoice will be raised on the day the campaign launches. This is due for payment within 30 days.

Call us on UK: +44(0)1962 835950 / US: +001-617-973-5749 or email