Five Golden Rules to Using Webinars for your Marketing Effectiveness

Five Golden Rules to Using Webinars for your Marketing Effectiveness

The value of webinars is growing and it’s not surprising considering they have the ability to grow brand awareness and targeted leads.

Businesses are beginning to understand the capabilities of this latest trend and realise the potential of using video content to drive sales.

But how should you get started and who is your target market? Here are some golden rules to maximising webinar and video effectiveness:

1. Timescale

It is important for you to allow enough time for people to book your webinar into their busy schedules – if you spring it on people last minute, 9 times out of 10 they’ll be booked up in meetings or have deadlines that they could’ve worked around if they had pre-warning. Allow roughly 3 weeks as an optimum time frame and send a reminder that morning for those of us who are more forgetful!

2. Personalise your brand

If you’ve perfected your social media presence, now is the time to take it one step further and engage with your audience via a webinar.

3. Use your content wisely

One of the biggest challenges you might face is producing enough content to fill your different distribution channels. Once you’ve created engaging content for your webinar, don’t just forget about it. Re-use your ideas for other pieces of content, break them up into blog posts or infographics for your campaigns.

4. Repeat messaging

A lot of hard work and effort will go into creating an effective webinar, so don’t just let it be a one  hit wonder – host your webinar on your website so that people can re-visit different pointers or forward the link onto a colleague. Use the registration details from your website to follow-up with key conclusions and email useful links that people can take away with them.

5. Connect, connect, connect

Connect with attendees via your social media accounts and include links to future webinars that they might be interested in.

So there you have it, webinars are convenient, inexpensive, educational and social, and they’re one of the most popular ways for B2B marketers to reach new customers and build lasting relationships with existing ones.

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