B2B Marketing Reports & Whitepapers

Whitepapers and reports to help achieve your B2B marketing goals

Reports and whitepapers are among the top lead generation tools of B2B marketers, they present unique information that can help B2B marketers accomplish their goals. Our B2B whitepapers cover topics such as account based marketing, demand generation, market research and much more.

The 7-Step Guide to Sales Acceleration for B2B Marketers

How can Sales Acceleration be achieved in the current B2B landscape? Discover 7 key strategies to boost conversions and drive ROI…

Guide to sales acceleration for B2B marketers
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B2B Multichannel Strategy: Market Research Report

How does your B2B multichannel marketing strategy compare? Discover first party multichannel insights for the year ahead…

B2B Multichannel Strategy Report
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B2B Tech Buyer Behavior: Unique Insights for 2021/22

Discover where B2B tech buyers plan to invest their budget over the next 18 months with key insights that reveal strong in-market tendencies

B2B marketing report on tech buyer behavior
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The Holy Grail of B2B Marketing Segmentation

Discover the best tried and tested B2B segmentation approaches in this in-depth guide. How do yours compare?

B2B marketing segmentation report
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Full Disclosure; The B2B Content Intelligence Report

Wondering how B2B demand gen professionals are leveraging Content Intelligence to advance their practice? Read on to find out…

B2B content intelligence marketing report
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7 Pillars of Successful Demand Generation

How do you design, execute and optimize a winning set of demand generation programs? Discover how the strongest brands do…

The 7 pillars of successful demand generation
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Inside Intent Data: Unlocking Demand Generation Results

Ready to leverage your intent data strategy and enhance demand generation results? This report is for you…

Intent data on demand generation - Marketing report & results
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Account-Based Marketing Research Report

How are senior B2B marketers approaching ABM? Find out in the Account-Based Marketing Research Report

Account-based marketing research & report findings
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B2B Inbound Marketing Insight

Inbound Marketing is an approach many marketers are utilizing daily, but what are the most popular techniques for successful inbound marketing?

B2B marketing report on inbound marketing
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Demand Generation Masterclass: How to Follow Up MQLs

The essential guide for following up MQLs – featuring example sequences, templates and workflows.

B2B marketing white paper: How to follow up MQLs in demand generation
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5 Must-Do’s to Accelerate Your Lead Generation Strategy

Lead generation within B2B marketing has evolved. How have you modernized your approach to keep up with changing market conditions?

b2b marketing whitepaper on must dos to accelerate a lead generation strategy
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The Ultimate Guide to the B2B Marketing Plan

A fresh approach to organizing all your marketing campaigns into one unified plan of attack – this resource is an essential toolkit for any marketer.

How to create the ultimate B2B marketing plan - a marketeers guide
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Dissecting the B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Unsure what are the fundamentals of a successful B2B content marketing strategy? This resource will get you on the right track.

How to dissect a B2B content marketing strategy
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