Decide your qualification criteria

We’ll work with you to determine the targeting criteria for your lead generation campaign.

The most common criteria are based on job function, authority level, and company size. We can add in custom criteria to match your specific objectives.

We use this criteria to give you a set a cost-per-lead (CPL) as every campaign we run is individually tailored. You only pay for leads that meet your qualifying criteria.

We’ll guarantee to generate an agreed volume of leads that meet your criteria by a fixed deadline – so you know exactly what to expect before you begin.

Select the content you want to use

Our B2B lead generation campaigns are powered by content. By having a rich understanding of our communities, we can help select the best content marketing assets to include in our email publications to generate the lead volumes we guarantee.

By offering our community value in the form of market leading eBooks, guides and whitepapers, we encourage you to provide your potential sales prospects with something valuable in return for their contact details.

This boosts brand awareness and recognition through thought leadership and is a fundamental way of identifying qualified prospects that are willing to pass their details to you to follow up.

No content? No problem, we can create it for you.

We promote your content to the relevant audience

We will syndicate your content to the most relevant members of our global communities with a multi-channel strategy and use the latest techniques in data science to monitor subscriber activity to improve our targeting.

Our email bulletins deliver the latest insight straight into the inbox of over 6 million senior professional subscribers worldwide – and we have an in-house Campaign Management team to help with providing proofs and translations for global lead generation programmes.

Our community will also have access to your content by visiting our Insights for Professionals website. This ‘Always-On’ approach to demand generation means your content is at your potential prospect’s finger tips at all times.

Learn more about our reach by downloading our media pack.

You receive your qualified leads

Our technology allows us to gather and qualify the leads we generate from your content syndication programmes. Every campaign has a dedicated Lead Administrator, who will pre-qualify and manually double check all of your leads are valid.

We’ll then send you fresh leads each week in the format of your choice, on the day(s) you request them. We can even integrate our campaigns with the main CRM and marketing automation platforms so that leads feed directly into your system.

If for any reason the leads don’t match your agreed criteria, we’ll even replace them free of charge.

Ready to see how many leads you could generate?