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Bookings: Terms and Conditions
  1. All bookings must be accompanied by a signed Inbox Insight booking form.
  2. Copy, logo and supporting materials must be with Inbox Insight no later than 24 hours preceding the publication date to guarantee inclusion.
  3. Inbox Insight reserves to right to cancel or re-schedule our bulletins without notice in extreme circumstances.
  4. Payment is not dependent upon response, unless responses guarantees are detailed on the Inbox Insight booking form.
  5. An invoice will be raised on the day the inclusion is published. This is due for payment within 30 days.
  6. In cases where a booking is made on behalf of a client by a third party agency, the agency guarantees that it is acting with the authority of the client.
  7. Payment to Inbox Insight must be within 30 days and is not dependent upon the client paying the third party agency.
  8. The copy and other content supplied for inclusion is the sole responsibility of the client and, as such, Inbox Insight cannot be held responsible for its accuracy and validity and cannot be held liable for any resulting claim.
  9. Inbox Insight reserves the right to change or exclude inclusions if we deem the content to be unsuitable.
  10. Clients are responsible for ensuring that any web links included our publications are in working order.
  11. In any event, any liability of Inbox Insight is limited to a refund of the price paid by the client.
  12. Inbox Insight cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss of profits or claim arising as a result of a publication being sent late or containing errors.
  13. Inbox Insight cannot be held responsible for the reproduction quality of banners, photographs or any other content type.
  14. Bulletin circulation figures are constantly changing so Inbox Insight cannot guarantee their complete accuracy at time of sending.
  15. Clients are able to re-schedule, but not cancel, inclusions providing notice is given at least 48 hours prior to publication date.
  16. All bookings must be used within 6 months of the booking form being signed.
  17. The client warrants that the copy they submit does not contravene any UK laws or legislation, or any publishing codes of practice.
  18. Inbox Insight cannot be held responsible for any copyright or trademark violations.
  19. Clients are responsible for the follow up of leads and the fulfilment of the information requested.
  20. Any leads that are rejected must have been sent back to Inbox Insight within 72 hours of being sent to the client by Inbox Insight.
  21. Clients indemnify that they will not contravene data protection and privacy laws.
  22. Clients will be invoiced in pounds sterling at the current rate of exchange.