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Lead Generation

Our B2B Lead Generation campaigns are powered by content. We syndicate your guides, whitepapers and eBooks to the perfect audience, and generate you qualified leads to fill your sales pipeline.

How it works:

  1. Decide your qualification criteria
  2. Select the content you want to use
  3. We syndicate your content to the relevant audiences
  4. You receive your qualified leads

Our Technology

We use an end-to-end platform to deliver your campaigns. We’ll take care of sending emails, building landing pages and qualifying the leads.

Intent Data

By overlaying your campaign with data we hold against each subscriber, we make campaigns more relevant, improving your conversion rate.

Guaranteed Results

We’ll guarantee to generate an agreed volume of qualified leads that meet your criteria by a fixed deadline, at a fixed cost-per-lead (CPL).

HTML Email Bulletin

Targeted Web Traffic

Drive targeted web traffic and clicks to your landing pages via Sponsorship and HTML email marketing campaigns.

How it works:

  1. Define your target audience
  2. Select from HTML, Sponsorship, or both
  3. Provide us with your email creative
  4. The audience receive your message and click the call to action

Engaged Audiences

Our communities receive the latest offers and content from global industry thought leaders.

Intelligent Targeting

Our bespoke email platform allows us to be extremely targeted. We can segment audiences by job function, industry, authority and interest.

Optimised Delivery

Our email templates are optimised for delivery, meaning you reach more of the perfect prospects with each send.

Content Creation

Content is the fuel for your marketing engine. We specialise in helping clients create eBooks, whitepapers and reports for B2B demand generation.

We will imagine, write and design content for you from scratch.

How it works:

  1. Discuss ideas, topics and themes on a briefing call
  2. Agree the concept for the content
  3. Write the high quality copy
  4. Design the content to match your branding
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