7 B2B Content Marketing Tips for the Festive Season

7 B2B Content Marketing Tips for the Festive Season

Whether you’re already sat in your Christmas jumper scoffing down the mince pies, or the thought sends shivers down your spine, the festive season is truly upon us and can no longer be ignored. It’s time to put those Christmas tunes on and get into the holiday spirit with your content marketing. But for many B2B marketers, it might not seem all that easy. Unlike B2C marketers, who can reel out promos and offers to customers, embracing the Christmas season can be a challenge the B2B world. We’ve put together some top tips and ideas to help you create some B2B festive themed content, so read on and make the most of your Christmas marketing.


End of year round ups or preparations/predictions for the New Year – these are a valuable asset for your audience. Recaps, or predictions, show that you have put thought into producing content that is relevant and up to date. It makes your brand seem fresh and current, while letting you produce seasonal content that hooks your audience.


Festive themed content – create blog posts, tweets or even subject lines with a Christmas theme. Adding a bit of festive spirit to your normal content won’t hurt, as long as it is relevant to your target audience (they probably don’t want to know about your Christmas wish list!).


Show your personality – this festive season is a great time of year to have a bit of fun with your content, and to showcase your company’s character. Whether it’s through blog posts, themed eBooks, or tweets of your staff in their Christmas jumpers, your audience will be more open to some light hearted festive fun – ‘tis the season to be jolly after all!


Reconnect with your audience – the Internet is already drowning in content at the best of times, and at Christmas time it just gets worse. Because of this it is a bad time to decide to target a new audience, as it will be hard to be heard through the sea of marketing material. Producing content for your current audience will give you a much better chance of making the most of your holiday marketing.


Give the gift of content – spread the Christmas spirit by gifting your readers free content, such as whitepapers, eBooks or templates. Obviously make sure that the subject is relevant and useful for your audience, but during the festive season you can have a bit of fun with the design and theme.


Special offers and promotions – as previously mentioned this can be a little harder for B2B businesses, but there are still plenty of opportunities in which you can offer your customers a festive treat. Whether it is a discount on your services or special offer for current customers, you can show your Christmas spirit through generosity, while also potentially bringing in more business.


Be prepared – don’t just throw a plan together last minute, you should be strategizing carefully about the coming year. This will give you a head start for increasing sales and achieving revenue goals, as well as getting your content noticed, in the year to come.

These simple tips show just how easy it can be for a B2B marketer to incorporate the holiday spirit into a content strategy, as well as how vital it is. Don’t miss the opportunity this Christmas to make the most out of content, and remember, have fun with it too!

7 B2B Content Marketing Tips for the Festive Season

Amie Lovell

Meet Amie, Marketing Manager here at Inbox. She looks after everything from our content and blog articles to newsletters and social. Her passion is delivering engaging content that resonates with our target audience while promoting thought leadership, to drive brand awareness and trust in what we do.
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