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Automation Anywhere were looking to support their partner network and create mutual opportunities to deliver RPA projects for enterprise organizations. They needed to cut-through the noise by creating a specialist content hub on the Insights for Professionals platform.


  • Understanding their processes, and automating them to drive efficiency and productivity in the workplace
  • Handling legacy business processes and applications whilst attempting to keep up with digital transformation trends
  • Managing employees through periods of change due to upcoming digital transformation and answering the question “Will robots take my job?!”


Company Industry: Software

Market Offering: Business Process Automation

Target Audience: In order to reach the most relevant audiences and ensure an improvement in ROI, it was key to establish a clearly defined set of target audiences. In doing so, Inbox Insight were able to take a data-driven approach, segmenting their data to target the ideal criteria. In addition, Inbox Insight overlaid the target ideal customer profile with first party intent keywords to guarantee interaction and interest.

The audience breakdown consisted of:

Region: UK, Ireland, Nordics and Netherlands

Job Titles: Head of Finance+, Head of Operations+ and Transformation Manager+

Company Size: 500+ employees (Mid/Large Organizations)

Intent Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Process Mining, Digital Transformation, Future of Work, Cognitive Robotics


Automation Anywhere utilized a wide range of content formats in their InboxINBOUND amplification strategy, including digital guides, research reports, whitepapersinfographicsvideos and short form articles.

Having conducted briefing calls with Automation Anywhere, as well as running a survey to gather first-party data, Inbox Insight provided fully written and designed guides/articles to support the campaign:

1 Analyst Report | 1 Infographic | 1 Video | 16 Guides | 17 Articles

4 steps to for end to end automation report
How to build a digital workforce automation report
How RPA can bridge gaps in your organization
Beginners guide to support services
The digitally enabled workplace
The future of finance with automation report
How the public sector can use RPA to do more with less report
The state of robotic process automation report

The IFP content was exceptionally well written and designed. The editorial process was well managed and the research team at IFP know a lot about RPA now!


Inbox Insight also created a series of optimized social and programmatic creatives to deliver the message across all digital channels in an engaging way, whilst remaining consistent with brand and tone of voice guidelines.

5 Creative Sets in IAB and Social Formats | 1 Email HTML | 33 Newsletter Sponsorship Slots

Learn more about robotic process automation
The state of robotic process automation report
How the public sector can use RPA to do more with less
how a third of businesses consider RPA too time consuming
The digitally enabled workplace automation report
how 18% use RPA as a cost saving initiative
The future of finance automation report
how human/bot teamwork across the workforce is imminent
how automation can help the workforce
how to successfully deploy RPA in business
6 steps for successful RPA adoption
why businesses need to embrace RPA in 2019


A campaign that utilized multiple digital channels was fundamental to guaranteeing multiple touchpoints, improving ROI and gathering a high-quality response through content engagement.

At the core of the campaign sat the InboxINBOUND RPA Hub hosted on Insights for Professionals, enabling easy access for the IFP community and to all engagements generated via all digital channels.

IFP Hub home screen

By taking ownership of this hub, Automation Anywhere successfully emphasized their position as the leading organization in RPA, whilst having the ability to house all RPA content in an immersive engaging platform. It also allowed them to host content from industry experts from within their partner network, creating a one stop shop for the IFP audience to learn from market leaders such as Deloitte, Capgemini and Grant Thornton.

Additionally, email marketing, programmatic display and paid social were used to support the content amplification objectives, helping deliver Automation Anywhere messaging to reach relevant first party decision makers, driving the users back into the hub for continued nurture and engagement.

Driving interest in the topic area

  • Push the articles out on social media to engaged communities
  • Focus traffic into short form articles to intro topic
  • Show them the next article in a sequence, increasing in dep

Building awareness within the community

  • Featured banners in key native placements on the IFP platform
  • Programmatic display advertising to intent data
  • Create an immersive landing page environment on the hub

Generate opt-in engagements

  • Engage them with more detailed guides to increase read time
  • Deliver email nurture sequences with more content on topic
  • Remarket visitors to the hub across all channels driving them back in


Automation Anywhere was provided with a dedicated reporting dashboard, whereby metrics were provided in real-time. These included article views, page views and downloaded reports, as well as KPIs such as average session/page duration and read time per content title and further insights.

These content insights allowed the team at Inbox Insight to adapt their content amplification strategy mid-campaign, doubling down on high performing assets and increasing the reach of the best content. It also gave Inbox Insight valuable feedback to provide to Automation Anywhere and their partners about trends in their industry.

Automation anywhere preview page metrics
Automation anywhere downloaded reports metrics
Automation anywhere hub metrics
Automation anywhere article metrics


Which Processes Should You Automate with RPA?

RPA vs AI (and Everything in Between)

How Cognitive Automation is Shaping the Future of Work

What is RPA? We define Robotic Process Automation and how it works

Attended vs Unattended Bots – Is Human/Bot Teamwork on the Horizon?


An additional layer of visibility was provided in the form of a real-time content engagement platform. The active dashboard provided accessibility to a ‘behavior timeline’ for each individual user, seeing precisely where and when they have engaged with content. The use of a scoring model gave the business development team at Automation Anywhere unprecedented insight into where in their RPA journey each prospect was, and helped them to follow up with the next useful resource for the prospect.

Automation anywhere opt in engagements
Automation anywhere combined lead score
Automation anywhere average score
Automation anywhere october timeline

When our BDR team followed up, the audience were extremely receptive, and the conversations quickly developed into appointments, pipeline and now significant ROI.


Ultimately, Inbox Insight and the Robotic Process Automation Hub were able to generate high quality engagement from multiple contacts within relevant blue chip organizations at scale. Inbox Insight captured the demand of specialist decision makers and champions for RPA within these organizations that are traditionally hard to reach, and positioned Automation Anywhere and their partners as an authority through thought leadership. This was reflected in the positive reaction that the business development team reported upon contacting the prospects we engaged, and a high percentage of meetings booked from open calls in comparison to other suppliers.

30% of all organizations received 2 or more touches throughout the duration of the campaign.
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