“Inbox Insight have generated 4 very strong opportunities, totalling $250k in pipeline.”


Kofax were aiming to build pipeline and cement their position as a leader within the Intelligent Automation space, achieved in part by the sponsorship of an Intelligent Automation Hub on the Insights for Professionals platform.

Tom Taylor


Since 2017, Inbox Insight and Kofax have worked together running high-quality, effective demand generation campaigns that have proven beneficial to Kofax’s pipeline. In this time, Kofax and Inbox Insight have built a long-standing professional relationship. We expanded our partnership to include branded sponsorship of a content hub on Insights for Professionals to educate their audience. 


Company Industry: Software

Market Offering: Business Intelligence Automation

Target Audience: With the objective of engaging relevant audiences and building pipeline, it was essential to establish a clearly defined set of target personas. Upon determining the key audience, Inbox Insight were able to take a data-driven approach, segmenting their data to target the ideal criteria. Further, Inbox Insight utilized first party intent keywords alongside the buyer profile to guarantee engagement.

The audience breakdown consisted of:

Region: UK, Ireland, Nordics and USA

Job Titles: Manager+

Company Size: 500+ employees (Mid/Large Organizations)

Intent Keywords: Intelligent Automation, Robotic Process Automation, Data Automation, AI Automation, Cognitive Robotics, Data Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Data Processing Digital Workspace, Finance Automation, Innovation, Operations


Phase 1

  • Launch all media to drive traffic to the Intelligent Automation Hub on IFP, sponsored by Kofax
  • Target key personas with a range of introductory content across paid social,
    email and programmatic display
  • Use first-party intent data to overlay behavioral targeting across the entire campaign

Phase 2

  • Complete mid-campaign review
  • Close off paid social and display programmatic KPIs
  • Launch email nurture and remarketing activity to key target personas, introducing full-funnel content to drive conversion

Phase 3

  • Continue use of email prospecting and nurture tactics side-by-side to
    support the 400-opt-in engagement KPI.
  • Creation and introduction of COVID-19 content to drive net-new engagements
  • Introduce new content format to the hub: OnDemand Webinars
  • Introduce HR buyer persona to target criteria, overlapped with intent targeting, using relevant messaging


With support from the in-house content team, Inbox Insight effectively amplified a wide range of content formats in their InboxINBOUND content strategy, including pre-existing digital guides, Forrester reports, whitepapers, infographics, customer case studies and webinars.

Kofax also benefited from the guidance of the expert digital copywriters at Inbox Insight, who were
able to advise on content and channel optimization. Further, having conducted first-party research into the Intelligent Automation space, the content team were able to provide expertly written, relevant articles to amplify throughout the campaign.

Kofax Case Study
Kofax IFP
Kofax IFP
Kofax IFP
Kofax IFP

The IFP content was exceptionally well written and designed. The editorial process was well managed and the research team at IFP know a lot about RPA now!


A key focus for Kofax was to build pipeline and opportunities. In order to ensure each opt-in engagement had proven intent and was of high quality, the campaign utilized multiple digital channels within the strategy to remarket engaged users, guaranteeing multiple touchpoints. Paid social, programmatic display and email marketing were fundamental in fulfilling content amplification objectives, enabling Kofax to reach relevant target personas and drive them through to the Intelligent Automation content hub on Insights for Professionals.

The multiple channels were deployed at different stages of the user journey:

1. Building awareness within the community

2. Driving interest in the topic area

3. Generate opt-in engagements with long form content

  • Featured banners in key native placements on the IFP platform
  • Programmatic display advertising to intent data
  • An immersive landing page environment on the hub
  • Pushing the articles out on social media to engaged communities
  • Focusing traffic into short form articles to intro topic
  • Showing them the next article in a sequence, increasing in depth
  • Engage them with more detailed guides to increase read time
  • Deliver email nurture sequences with more content on topic
  • Remarket visitors to the hub across all channels driving them back in

Insights for Professionals

Central to the campaign sat the InboxINBOUND Intelligent Automation hub, hosted on Insights for Professionals, which housed all of Kofax’s content in one easy-access platform. When a user engages with any content across any of the digital channels used, they were directed to access the material on the hub.

This further allows engaged users to continue exploring relevant Intelligent Automation content, contributing to their lead score and building up a portfolio of intent against the prospect.

Intelligent Automation Hub


Kofax Banners
Kofax Banners

Performance and Analytics

Kofax had access to a dedicated reporting dashboard, whereby metrics were provided in real-time. These included article views, page views and downloaded reports, as well as KPIs such as average session/page duration and read time per content title and further insights.

Hub Metrics
Article Metrics
Preview Page Metrics
Downloaded Reports


The content performance dashboard gave Inbox Insight valuable feedback to provide to Kofax about trends in their industry. Further, these content insights allowed the team at Inbox Insight to adapt their content amplification strategy mid-campaign, doubling down on high performing assets, adding timely assets for optimal performance and increasing the reach of the best content. Additionally, having seen greater interest in the topic with IFP’s HR audience, Inbox Insight and Kofax expanded the targeting criteria in the latter half of the timeframe to include UK HR job titles, on the basis that they had shown intent against AI, RPA or BI before. All these minor adjustments helped to optimise performance and highlights Inbox Insight’s ability to be proactive for the best results.

  1. How AI Will Impact the IT Department
  2. Why Deep Learning is Powering Real AI
  3. How AI Will Change Corporate Finance Forever
  4. Are You Making the Most of Intelligent Automation?
  5. What Does the Post-COVID Future of AI Look Like for Businesses?

We received continuous guidance from the internal team at Inbox Insight about how to optimize our approach to best reach and engage our target audience.


An additional layer of visibility was provided in the form of a real-time content engagement platform. The active dashboard provided accessibility to a ‘behavior timeline’ for each individual user, seeing precisely where and when they have engaged with content. The use of a scoring model gave the business development team at Automation Anywhere unprecedented insight into where in their RPA journey each prospect was, and helped them to follow up with the next useful resource for the prospect.

Opt in Engagements
Combined Lead Score
Average Score
Operations Directors
Engagement Chart
Activity Score

Inbox Insight have generated 4 very strong opportunities, totalling $250k in pipeline. We couldn’t be happier with the results so far.


Ultimately, Inbox Insight were able to fulfil the fundamental objective to amplify Kofax’s messaging with the target audience, whilst building substantial pipeline.

Inbox Insight successfully reached and engaged target personas within the Intelligent Automation space, positioning Kofax as an authority. Using high-quality, relevant
and topical content across a wide range of channels ensured Inbox Insight were able to capture the attention of target buyers and encourage them to further engage with Kofax’s thought leadership. The success is reflected in the significant pipeline figure, indicating the impact of the strategy and sequences implemented throughout the campaign.

The team were very professional, consistently staying on top of the campaign in order to optimize and drive success.

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