InboxENGAGE delivers qualified lead generation based on your criteria.

Putting the right content, infront of the right audience, generates the right response..


You have the content, you know who you need to engage but are you lacking the means to attract the right volume of qualified leads?

Reach, engage and drive action – at scale, with InboxENGAGE. We get your content in front of the right audiences, at the right time to deliver the right campaign outcomes.

With this solution you receive optimized, multi-channel campaigns to deliver marketing qualified leads (MQL). It’s a great way to create relevant first-touch campaigns that fuel your marketing automation or sales pipeline.


Leverage the power of content to transform engagement into high volumes of qualified leads.

By amplifying your content to our best fit professional audiences, we can help you achieve real value from your digital campaigns.

Choose from a wide selection of digital publications across multiple verticals, regions, authority levels and interests.

By keeping email at our core and layering on complimentary channels, we can deliver precision and optimized performance, time after time.


Sometimes you need to know a little more about who your target prospects are and how they feel about you brand.

Our Highly Qualified Lead (HQL) campaigns use data-driven targeting to profile and find hyper relevant prospects for your business. We can even work alongside more complex targeting programs such as Account Based Marketing (ABM).

By executing tactical outreach campaigns, combining intent data on what themes and topics are piquing the interest of your most relevant audiences, we can help you reach unprecedented scale.

Pay for Performance

We give you a fixed cost per lead to deliver an agreed amount of leads and deliver them to your agreed timescales.

This provides transparency, accountability, and maximises your ROI.

Intelligent Targeting

We can identify your key target audience and use the data we harvest from our communities to ensure you are targeting the people most relevant for your content and objectives.

Quality, GDPR Compliant Leads

Every lead generated has to pass through your very own dedicated Campaign Reporting Manager. This level of diligence ensures your leads are of the highest quality for your specific business goals.

Supply us with your content 

We will analyze your content such as whitepapers, blogs, infographics, making recommendations on how to deliver them to your desired audience to generate high volumes of qualified leads.

If you need support in creating original content that resonates, we have an in-house creative team to optimise titles and landing page descriptions.

Set your own lead qualification criteria

Match your persona criteria to our targeting tools to ensure we get your content in-front of your perfect audience.

We can target campaigns and pre-qualify leads based on criteria such as location, company size, industry, and job role.

Multi-channel content amplification

Our digital campaigns harness multi-channel tactics, amplifying your content through the IFP content hub, our targeted publications and enhanced email activity.

Dial up or dial down the level of targeting, as we give you access to our rich intent data capturing the most intelligent insights about your perfect audiences.

IBM Watson Case Study

“I would strongly recommend having Inbox Insight as a trustworthy partner in the marketing mix to any company that’s measured on high quality generated leads.”

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IBM Watson Case Study

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