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Drive the most accurate first party B2B market research into your business


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Gain insight into your target personas and keep track of your competitors with AI powered B2B market analysis.

Take your persona research to the next level, with customized B2B market research. We can construct your ideal customer segments and conduct first party research to expose unique insights shaping real-time demand.

Meanwhile our B2B competitive analysis platform, reveals full transparency over your competitor landscape. Discover how other tech providers are tailoring their content marketing strategy to intercept your in-market buyers.



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Looking for better clarity over the challenges, tendencies and focus areas of your target personas?

Poll our global panel of senior business professionals to drive the marketing intelligence that matters to your business most.

We will create your ideal customer profile, reach out to them and deliver back relevant insights. We’ll then supply you with crucial data for use in your planning and communication strategy.

Whether you’re looking to discover the next big trend to fuel your thought leadership, or simply looking to better understand your audience, our flexible package will deliver the intelligence you need to make data-led decisions.


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Looking to understand what content your competitors are creating so you can identify the best opportunities to get ahead?

Our B2B competitor analysis will identify the key players operating in your market and rank their performance versus yours in both social and search. For example, which tech companies have the best performing SEO?

We use a blend of artificial intelligence market research such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and powerful social listening technology to identify and analyze your competitive set. This data is enriched with first party intent data to layer additional content strategy insights.

We present all data as digestible insights on a live dashboard, accessible 24/7.


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Ensure accurate B2B market analysis with support from our community of business experts

Our market intelligence services come with access to a team of analysts and strategists to help you shape your research into the most actionable knowledge.

We start with understanding your audience criteria and objectives then craft the research methodology and questions to give you the answers you are looking for.

From concept to data delivery and research analysis, our experts are on hand to keep the right insights flowing into your business.


Premium Content Award

Leverage our market intelligence data to elevate your B2B content creation strategy

Our first party research can uncover key insights such as audience pain points, investment priorities and topics of interest.

These insights are crucial for helping you discover how to align your content strategy with real-time need and content consumption patterns.

With each project, we can deliver a bundle of premium content that will support your wider communications strategy, with an analyst report, data visualization, and presentation of the results you can use with internal stakeholders.

InboxCREATE can create the best content to help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

Accurate Buyer Persona Research

We reveal a highly reflective view of established and emerging tech buyer behavior provided through both quantitative and qualitative data collection.

With access to our dedicated audience panels, you can control the research criteria to accurately reflect the business decision makers you want to engage.

This makes all insight custom made to fit your research objectives, helping you uncover the most accurate market intelligence.

AI fuelled Content Intelligence

The average readability of Digital Analytics content is 38.4. The target readability score is between 60-70. The average load time of Data Management businesses is 0.71 seconds. This is almost 50% over the target load time of under 0.5 seconds. What other insights are you missing?

Our B2B market research tools include the best innovative technology that distils full transparency over your competitor landscape.

These indispensable insights reveal key areas of focus to help you improve your strategy and remain competitive. What’s more they are made easily accessible through a dashboard updated in real-time to ensure you never miss a beat.

Unparalleled Business Intelligence

Leverage our research facility to uncover the most relevant business intelligence to aid everything from product development, positioning analysis to communication strategy and competitor intelligence.

Our flexible service, means we will design the research methodology around your core needs maintaining a key focus on the areas that will bring the most value to your business planning.

All our research findings are presented in the most digestible formats along with expert analysis to help you drive actionable knowledge to all your key stakeholders.

Market Research

• Design questions
• Survey your target personas
• Digest and format data
• Write and design analyst report
• Deliver insights to you, the client

Before Data Collection

All our market research projects are kicked off with a briefing call with IFP editors to discuss your content strategy.

Your research will be conducted among a guaranteed number of respondents from your target audience. Approximately 10 custom questions per survey.

Trained content strategists will then gather relevant survey data to develop report.

After Data Collection

A summary presentation of data findings will be shared along with 1 file with final survey data.

Co-branded top insights designed research report (2000–3000 words) for each project (optional).

Co-branded infographic 4-5 insights for social media for each project (optional).

Insight Deck

Analyst Reports

5 Stars

“Best research and content lead generation vendor I’ve worked with”

Describe the project or task the provider helped with:
I’ve worked with Inbox Insight on a variety of their services. I’ve had market research reports conducted, lead generation campaigns launched, content syndication packages, infographics, content guides, banners – all designed and implemented by their team. They’re incredible fast and their quality of work has been the best out of any contractor or external vendor that I’ve used. I’ve recommended them to several different teams with similar results. I believe we’ll continue to use Inbox Insight for the extended future.

What did you like the best?
The team is extremely fast and professional. They matched design templates to our brand palette effortlessly and created whitepaper content within a matter of days. Their lead and audience dashboard is also one of the best I’ve seen. The level of data captured is terrific. This product was clearly thought out and tracked.

What do you dislike?
No dislikes from what I’ve seen. We did have some miscommunication with invoicing but that was settled relatively quickly and the Inbox Insight team was willing to work with us on those terms as well.

Recommendations to other considering the provider:
10/10 would recommend.

What problems are you solving with the provider? What benefits have you realized?
Our core content and design teams have extremely long queues. Normally it would take months to get a ticket prioritized especially for smaller projects. Inbox Insight allowed us to bypass those teams and work efficiently on our own. What would have taken us months, took us a couple of weeks to turn around.

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