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InboxNEXUS drives interest in your product or service through B2B Programmatic and Email

We unlock the ability to reach more relevant audiences through opening up new channels of engagement…


How can InboxNEXUS help you reach and connect with better audiences?

We know that brand awareness doesn’t just involve impressions, it’s about the audience making a connection with your brand.

To make this happen you need to target the right people, at the right volumes. This is where InboxNEXUS excels.

Through combining the precision of email with the versatility of programmatic, this solution helps you step outside of traditional channel restrictions, providing a whole new realm of enhanced capabilities.


Leverage the Inbox Insight platform to launch branded HTML campaigns to any of our professional communities. This is a unique opportunity to engage our audiences and drive targeted inbound traffic to a website or specific landing page.

We’ll work with you to profile your ideal personas, then apply our advanced segmentation techniques to identify a bespoke audience within our global communities of thought leaders, influencers and buyers.

We then optimize your HTML creative and subject lines for deliverability and performance, before launching your campaign using our powerful digital platform.


Connectivity is at the core of InboxNEXUS, delivering programmatic, display, video, and mobile ads – all optimised for B2B awareness building.

By amplifying your message through programmatic display we can increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and widen opportunities for our business communities to engage with your brand.

Simply match your criteria to our audiences and we’ll put your content in front of the relevant community members that fit your market spec.

Ready to get going?


Frequency, relevancy and scale are key to building ubiquitous brand awareness.

With our multi-channel approach not only do we deliver timely messages at critical touchpoints to create awareness, we build lasting impressions that remain with our audiences long after the message has been served.

Audience Understanding

Discover the precision our email marketing provides, thanks to the many targeted marketing options available.

Expertly overlaying digital signals with programmatic intelligence, your audience profiling capabilities are elevated above traditional methods.

Global Scale

Allow the pervasive spread of your brand message by widening reach across multiple territories.

We nurture a global community of 3.5M b2b professionals. Simply select your regions and we’ll reach the most relevant thought leaders, influencers and in-market buyers for your marketing goals.

Creative Support

Our multi-channel approach means that we are on hand to evolve your creative and re-purpose it across formats to make it resonate. This may involve optimising your email HTML creative to improve its deliverability and effectiveness.

We accept display formats based on your objectives, including high impact, mobile and video. We can also support with creating banners if required.

Intent Profiling

As our communities interact with our content we gather digital intent signals about their interests.

Our technology can also identify contextual information about the content consumption patterns of our audiences.

We can overlay these signals to improve the accuracy of our campaigns and deliver outstanding results.

Persona Modelling

In order to extend your reach to the communities that matter to you most, we can apply persona analysis and match these to your campaign. We’ll feed our first-party data that matches your criteria into a modelling algorithm that looks for similarities with other professionals.

This lets us extend the capabilities of our intelligent segmentation onto multiple digital channels and provide even greater scale and accuracy.

Ready to amplify your content?

Let us know your objectives and audience criteria and we’ll send you the relevant media and audience insight packs.

Inbox Insight Media Pack

Terms & Conditions

  • Discount of 30% is applicable on InboxNEXUS campaigns booked between Monday the 3rd and Monday the 31st December 2018
  • Pricing is determined at the discretion of Inbox Insight in line with the rate card and is subject to change based on campaign requirements and a minimum spend
  • Any terms and conditions of sale still apply as does a signed booking form before the campaign begins
  • Campaigns must be targeted geographically within North America or Western Europe regions
  • Discount is available on the first campaign only booked within the time limit unless otherwise agreed between the client and Inbox Insight

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