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As the B2B buying process relies heavily on independent research, brands have to ensure they achieve top of mind awareness during crucial purchase decision touchpoints.

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InboxNEXUS campaigns are designed to drive B2B brand awareness through a multi channel approach to digital marketing and are geared towards improving brand recognition of your company within your ideal customer profile (ICP).

Trying to engage key accounts and influence B2B buying decisions?

InboxNEXUS combines email, programmatic and paid social media campaigns to help brands reach best-fit organizations through account-based advertising (ABA).

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How does InboxNEXUS work?

We can activate brand recognition campaigns across 3 digital marketing channels within an InboxNEXUS campaign:

• HTML Email Marketing
Programmatic Display
• Paid Social Media

We recommend combining all 3 marketing channels as they are mapped tthrough our first party community (via our Insights For Professionals (IFP) platform) which currently has 4.1M active users.

Each channel plays a strategic part in the deployment of timely messages at critical touchpoints across different inventory sources to create an immersive B2B brand awareness campaign.

Within each campaign, we’ll tailor the phasing and objectives to drive not only impressions but also engagement, so that the people you’re advertising to are making a lasting connection with your brand.


Email marketing datapoints

HTML Email Marketing (or ‘list rental’) acts as our most disruptive channel as it reaches the inbox of an individual who fits your ICP from our first party community.

Once we have your HTML file, we’ll produce a preview within our bespoke email service provider and embed all of the required tracking links.

We’ll then put your HTML creatives through a series of email deliverability and preview formatting tests prior to launch, while providing subject line and HTML optimization ideas to drive a higher volume of opens and clicks.

Finally, the campaign will launch to a guaranteed volume of first party recipients and after 48hrs, we’ll provide you with the statistics involved in your campaign.


inbox nexus programmatic display network

Programmatic Display allows us to tap into the digital browsing habits of our (IFP) community because we map our IFP eco-system and site structure to the display landscape for activation.

By profiling preferences and tracking content consumption habits throughout a user’s lifetime as an Insights For Professionals community member, we’ve cultivated a deep understanding behind which topics captivate interest.

Through predictive analytics, we are then able to pin point at what time they are likely to be in-market for certain solutions.

It’s this behavioral profiling that allows us to retarget sub-sections of our first party community on behalf of our advertisers, without needing any time to learn about the audience.

We combine the power of that first party targeting with strategic third party sources and in-depth contextual targeting to continually optimize towards Programmatic Display standards, including minimum viewability and CTR metrics.


b2b audience profiling

With HTML focussing on inboxes and Programmatic Display focussing on browsers, we add Paid Social activity to build a B2B brand presence within an individual’s social news feeds to support the success of InboxNEXUS campaigns. Layering up digital touchpoints like this creates a more immersive experience while subtly sustaining brand exposure keeping your brand front of mind.

Our in-house Paid Social team can deploy strategic Paid Social campaigns across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to engage with our IFP social network of over 25,000+ followers.

We then leverage strategic B2B partnerships to drive scale, whilst implementing a variety of different campaign objectives to ensure we’re hitting impression guarantees and driving CTRs.


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We give you visibility when engagement happens

Access detailed reporting on core campaign metrics and progress, against key performance indicators. We put the metrics in front of you to allow you to make decisions and learn quickly what is working; deep dive into content, channel and creative analytics, targeting performance and account based marketing intelligence.

We help you identify actionable insights to help fuel strategy. Our combined reporting across multiple channels, will give you tangible data with specialist support to interpret and continue to build and develop your approach.

First Party Community

Access our first party IFP communities across three digital media channels (HTML Email Marketing, Programmatic Display and Paid Social) within InboxNEXUS. Our B2B brand awareness campaigns provide the perfect launchpad for advertisers seeking a new and fresh audience. .

Persona Modeling

In order to extend the campaign and target individuals that matter to your brand the most, our campaign strategists will apply behavioral profiling to each channel using a modeling algorithm that looks for similarities with other B2B professionals in your ICP.

Firmographic Profiling

Our targeting specialists can use data filters and segmentation techniques to build the perfect audience for your campaign at an organization level. We can use qualification criteria such as company size, turnover, industry, account level intent, tech install base and predictive B2B buying signals to achieve this.

In-House Specialists

We have a team of in-house specialists who can design, run and optimize HTML Email Marketing, Programmatic Display and Paid Social campaigns at scale.

Total Addressable Market (TAM)

By working closely with carefully selected B2B partners, we have aggregated first and third party data sources at scale to ensure we can target your total addressable market, whilst using frequency to dial up or down the number of adverts an individual should see.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

We can apply domain overlays for B2B segmentation, allowing us to point all of our digital channels towards a specific set of targeted organizations that you’ve highlighted as important to reach. Account-based marketing is a commonly used B2B marketing initiative for lead generation, so we’ve plugged it into our B2B brand awareness activations too.

Lookalike Profiling (LAL)

Our lookalike profiling process allows you to provide us with either (1) the target accounts you want to reach, or (2) the customers you are already working with. We’ll run an AI driven lookalike process via natural language processing (NLP) on those accounts. This approach will help inform the predictive nature of our B2B brand awareness activity and put your brand in front of targeted organizations who are most likely to develop into new revenue opportunities.

Intent & Interest Overlays

From contextual targeting within display; member interests across LinkedIn; intent data across HTML Email Marketing and behavioral lookalikes within Facebook, InboxNEXUS campaigns will embed all of the key tactics to ensure you stay front of mind of the B2B buyers considering an upcoming purchase or project.

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