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DMU Persona Builder Cheat Sheet

What do your target personas look like? What are their pain points? If you’re not sure, it’s time to find out. Identify the characteristics, priorities and personas of your ideal DMU persona, with our practical DMU Persona cheat sheet.

DMU Persona Cheat Sheet
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Digital Campaign Planning Toolkit

From identifying personas, to deciding which content formats are best to utilise – there are many layers to a successful campaign. Where to get started? Our ultimate campaign planning toolkit will help.

Digital Campaign Planner Template
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B2B Periodic Table of Content Elements

A successful B2B content strategy is built on science. What are the critical content compounds your strategy might be missing? Our B2B Periodic Table of Content Elements can help you identify the key focus areas you should be considering.

The Periodic Table of B2B Content Elements
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Your ABM Strategy in 7 Simple Steps

How can you get your ABM strategy off the ground?This workbook will help you kick-start your ABM journey and guarantee success! Complete with planners, flowcharts, checklists and templates, this workbook is a must-use for any B2B marketer getting started with ABM.

Your ABM Strategy In 7 Simple Steps
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A Guide to Persona Planning

How do you write compelling content that stops your audience in their tracks and makes them act? Identifying your prospects and what motivates them is a good place to start. This guide will help you do just that.

Persona Planning
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Content Creation: Plan of Attack

To keep up with the competition, marketers are forced to produce engaging, fresh and relevant content at breakneck speed. This handy worksheet will help you formulate new ideas for your content strategy.

Content Creation
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Intent Data Utilization Checklist

How can you ensure you utilize your intent data to it’s fullest extent? With 64% of B2B marketers struggle to action on their insights, this handy checklist will ensure you action on every insight and leverage intent data in all your suitable channels.

Intent Data Utilization Checklist
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Your Inbound Marketing Strategy Template

Getting your inbound marketing right requires managing multiple components. Iron out each stage of your inbound marketing strategy-planning process, with our simple 10-step workbook.

Inbound Marketing Strategy Template
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