What are demand generation programs?

Demand Generation Agency

“While customer acquisition is often a key element, demand generation is geared towards the full customer lifecycle from brand awareness, content syndication and lead generation right through to lead nurturing and relationship marketing.”

Inbox Insight is the gateway to over 4.1M active business professionals specializing in HR / Marketing / IT and Business Management via our centralized publishing hub IFP.

We run b2b demand generation campaigns to our audience, as a set of content-fuelled campaigns focused on building trust and value for both our clients and audience members…


With Inbox Insight, none of these objectives have to work in isolation. Our flexible product suite means we’re able to tailor make an integrated solution that unifies your goals to power lasting engagement.

Our Audience – Insights for Professionals (IFP)

Available Audience

  • 4.1M Active Members
  • IT; HR; Marketing; Finance; Business Management


    • Audience Profiling
    • ABM
    • Intent Data
    • Buyer Signals

Demand Generation Process

Interest & Prospecting

  • Programmatic
  • Solus Emails
  • Native Advertising
  • Sponsored Content

PR & Education

  • Thought Leadership
  • Sponsored Editorial
  • Co-Branded Research Reports
  • Category Hub Take-Over

Lead Generation

  • Multi-Channel Content Syndication
  • Email Marketing
  • Social
  • Multi-Touchpoint Journeys


  • Engaged Remarketing
  • Persona Scoring
  • Multi-Touch Nurture
  • Full Funnel Engagement
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How do our B2B demand generation services work?

Content is a powerful tool for attracting, connecting and sustaining the interests of your target audiences. Through mapping your branded content against critical audience touchpoints and building an optimized user journey, you can harvest this interest into paid, loyal customers and brand advocates.

As our demand generation specialisms lie in optimized content and digital engagement, we are able to support clients with an insight-led approach. This means using intent data as a foundation to build campaigns that give the right audience, the right message, at the right time in the right way.

We call this content amplification and it’s succeeded in helping brands across the globe achieve their marketing objectives and exceed expectation for over 9 years.


How do we target the right audiences?

Insights for Professionals (IFP) is our centralized resource hub providing an active membership of over 4.1m professionals with the latest content that helps them solve their business challenges.

In exchange for unlimited access, we’re able to use IFP as a springboard to capture millions of buyer intent data which fuel intelligent data-driven campaigns on behalf of our clients.


Content marketing that fuels your demand generation engine

Anticipating and fulfilling the information needs of your target audience throughout their buyer journey is the key to effective demand generation.

As content specialists with a team of inhouse copywriters, we’re able to deliver your content strategy using the most intelligent channels for successful content syndication.

It’s about creating an engagement engine that weaves intelligent content marketing programs, seeped in digital touchpoints, into one unified strategic approach.

Position your business as a thought leader

Thought Leadership

Publishing content that positions your business as an authority in your respective fields, is a great way to grow awareness and establish trust within your market.



How does your content help your audience in their day-to-day role?

Creating cheat sheets, templates and downloadable tools are effective at giving your audiences tangible value.

Tools to help your audience
Infographics Reports and Ebooks

Infographics, reports and eBooks

Visually led content is essential for grabbing attention and providing easy-to-digest insights, knowledge and reader value.

This type of content is also highly compatible with social channels to enhance multi-channel tactics.


Short form vs Long form Content

Knowing what content to use and when is the key to successful content marketing.

Content under 1,200 words is usually considered short form and is great for readers with limited time.

Long form content is important for audiences requiring greater depth and insight.

Long and Short Form Content

How do we keep your marketing and sales aligned?

Lead Nurture Programs

Sustain engagement for longer and improve conversion rates.


Account-Based Marketing

Keep all your internal stakeholders onboard by targeting the right accounts.


Read more about demand generation

We regularly write about the theory of B2B demand generation and offer advice on how to effectively put those ideas into practice as part of a wider marketing campaign. Our demand generation guides will give you insight into our processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Demand Generation?

In marketing, demand generation refers to a variety of activities, programs, and processes designed to build interest and excitement in a brand, its products, and services among potential buyers. A demand generation strategy will cover all stages of the customer journey by combining sales and marketing activities to nurture prospects and provide them with the information they need to take action. The focus is on creating long-term engagement that helps create predictable pipelines to grow business.

How does demand generation work?

There are three distinct streams that make up any demand generation strategy: demand capture, lead generation, and pipeline acceleration. In order to capture demand for a company’s products and services, brand awareness campaigns or demand capture efforts must create enough interest to motivate people to find out more. This interest must then be converted into genuine qualified leads that can be passed to sales. If demand capture and lead generation are executed successfully, then pipeline acceleration occurs naturally, as potential buyers progress further down the funnel faster, accelerating the sales process.

What is a demand generation tool?

Any demand generation programme has many moving parts and there are tools to enhance and automate efforts at every stage of the demand generation journey. Most important is the strategy. The strategy dictates the tools you’ll need. From data targeting to email marketing and outreach, measurement to reporting, every tool is focused on helping to improve the quality and volume of the leads delivered, through driving more, higher quality traffic to your website, that converts more prospects, to close more deals, faster.

What are the benefits of demand generation?

A well-executed demand generation strategy aligns a company’s brand and product offerings with what customers need and want. If done correctly, they generate higher-quality leads that convert faster and accelerate sales. By nurturing prospects further down the marketing funnel, demand generation also helps lower acquisition costs by delivering much higher quality leads to sales.

What are the Advantages of Outsourcing Demand Generation?

There are many reasons why a company might choose to outsource their demand generation activity. Among the most common is a need for flexibility. Outsourcing demand generation to a specialist team, lets companies test the viability and performance of different lead generation channels, and methods, to determine the right mix of activities for the business. Using the latest tools and technologies, specialist demand generation partners can supplement internal teams with extra capacity to drive a reliable stream of leads into your sales team.

How does a demand generation service work?

Specialist demand generation partners are focused on providing full funnel, integrated demand programmes that increase qualified leads, improve conversion rates, and accelerate growth. Typically, this combines inbound and outbound activity including programmatic display, paid social, email marketing, content syndication in one powerful demand generation strategy to interest, engage and convert more leads and shorten the sales cycle.

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