How do I learn more about my target audience?

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Inbox Insight are experts in leveraging competitive intelligence and identifying real-time trends among their engaged IT, HR, Marketing and Business Management audiences.

With a buying process continuously growing in complexity, many B2B marketing strategies require a dynamic approach to unlocking customer intelligence. This includes utilizing different types of market strategy to activate the interest of potential customers and increase your market share.

Our in-house Market Research Team provide many flexible solutions including an in-person service that compliments other outbound marketing efforts.

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Why outsource your b2b market research?

Our in-house market research team provide many flexible solutions including an in-person service that compliments other outbound marketing efforts, such as:

Audience Surveys

Qualitative Market Research

Quantitative Market Research

Global Market Research

Target Audience Research

Persona Profiling

Generating HQLs

SQL Verification

Why are in-person services relevant to the marketing mix?

When it comes to sourcing new accounts or discovering who’s in-market, some competitive intelligence techniques are more effective than others.

For example, profiling or survey questions can have much better response rates when leveraging more personal communication methods.

By offering a range of communication tactics our market research consultants are able to reach the right target market using the right approach for both your campaign and your potential customers requirements.

How can Inbox Insight give you direct access to B2B buyers actively seeking your solution?

We offer a range of flexible market research services from prospecting B2B companies right through to qualifying BANT leads.

Tell us your objectives and we’ll tailor the most efficient solution for your timescales and budgets.

With an in-house team of market research specialists, we’ll use our expertise, market segmentation data and unique audience insights to deliver the best campaigns for your requirements.

Why is taking a data-driven approach key to unlocking market intelligence?

With over 4.1m active professionals making up our engaged business communities including IT, HR, Marketing, Finance and General Management audiences, our current customers have access to our first party data.

This enables you to harvest the right intent signals that will help uncover the best market intelligence, including how to reach the right decision makers in your target market at the right time in their buying cycle.

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