Insights for Professionals reveals winners of the IFP Content Awards 2020

IFP Content Awards 2020

Results are in – which brands triumphed in the IFP content Awards 2020?

With fierce competition in the world of B2B content marketing, Insights for Professionals (IFP) have set out to discover content trail blazers who have been leading the way on their global publishing platform.

As experts in curating B2B thought leadership from leading brands, the bar was set high this year. IFP called upon their audience of 3.5m to vote for the content they perceived as delivering the most value.

The IFP Content Awards 2020 are a new annual scheme, seeking recognition for both individual writers and brands delivering outstanding content.

The awards have been divided into 8 categories, covering 4 key verticals. Brand Award Categories include:

  • Best IT Content
  • Best Marketing Content
  • Best HR Content
  • Best Management Content

Listed below are the winners of 2020, as voted by IFP’s specialist communities of tech buyers.

Read on to discover who made the cut:

Category: HR

Branded Content Winner: WinningTemp

Title: Employee Performance Review Questions

Comments from the IFP Editorial Team:

This easy-to-digest resource provides actionable information with a high level of utility.

Honing in on a clear HR pain point around performance reviews, this resource provides the foundation from which HR professionals can structure a better review process.

It’s simple layout with its use of questions and bullet points, provides tangible value to its reader through helping them perform task with greater ease and efficiency.

Contributor Content Winner: Lorraine Kipling

Title: 15 Things You Should Never Do When Letting an Employee Go

HR Brand Finalists


Generation Z: The Definitive Guide to The Future Workforce


9 Common Mistakes Managers Make When Addressing Employee Feedback


11 Recruiting Best Practices During COVID-19

Category: IT

Branded Content Winner: Rapid 7

Title: Under the Hoodie 2020

Comments from the IFP Editorial Team:

This report explores the hows and whys of penetration testing, delivering a good breadth of information within it’s topic field.

The pithy title delivers cut-through while the information is supported throughout with fresh insights, brought to life through data visualisations. All these elements combined dial up the credibility and authority of the brand.

Winning Contributor Content: Jay Elango

Title: The Emerging Era of Digital Twin Technology in Industry 4.0

IT Brand Finalists:


2020 Global Threat Report


How to Create a Digital Workforce Your Human Workers Will Love


How to Choose the Best Partner to Transition Your Technology to MACH

UKCloud Ltd

State of Cloud Adoption UK Public Sector

Category: Marketing

Branded Content Winner: Rollworks

Title: The Big Book of ABM

Comments from the IFP Editorial Team:

A solid example of how strategic alliances with other brands can augment content value.

This resource brings to life the value of ABM through real-life case studies and expert opinion from contributing partners.

A stand out content piece that presents a well rounded collection of industry viewpoints and key take-a-ways.

Contributor Content Winner: Manish Dudharejia

Title: 3 Reasons Why You Need to Seek “Honest” Reviews Over “Glowing” Reviews

Marketing Brand Finalists:


The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation

Marketing Profs

Best Practices for Busy Marketers

Meet the Boss

5 Tips for CMOs Handling Uncertainty


10 Social Media Tips for the Coronavirus Crisis

Category: Management

Winning Branded Content: Vodafone

Title: What Makes a Business Future Ready?

Comments from the IFP Editorial Team:

Presenting 5 key business challenges along with actionable advice, this knock-out content hooks business readers in with its timely insight and sleek design.

The impactful visuals punctuated throughout the text makes for a stunning design, while the clear sections enable fast digestion of information.

Winning Contributor Content: Indiana Lee

Title: How to Survive and Stay Sane in a Toxic Work Environment

Management Brand Finalists:

GDS Summits

5 Ways to Combat Zoom Fatigue


COVID-19 Manager Toolkit


5 Ways eSignatures Speed Up Workflows and Accelerate Growth


The Sales Leader’s Guide to: Social Signals

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists! The IFP Content Awards will be back next year announcing a new set of content high performers.

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