Inbox Insight chosen as a finalist in the Content Marketing Awards 2020

Inbox Insight Finalists CMI

Inbox Insight are proud to have been chosen as a finalist in the Content Marketing Awards 2020!

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Category: Content Marketing ROI/Measurement Program

Inbox Insight’s demand acceleration campaign for Automation Anywhere was hugely successful in proving audience engagement and ROI, driving cut through of the brand and building a relationship with prospects through high-quality content.

Automation Anywhere wanted to drive cut through of their brand to the highly engaged audience at Insights for Professionals (IFP), building relationship with them through high quality content. In doing so, this would aim to generate ROI with prospects through ensuring the relevant audience had received multiple digital touchpoints. In order to fulfil Automation Anywhere’s objectives, Inbox Insight planned a content-driven demand generation campaign, featuring over 40 pieces of content, all centrally housed within Automation Anywhere’s sponsored category hub on IFP. Having conducted research into the client’s audience criteria using intent data and digital behavior patterns, Inbox Insight were able to establish exactly what topics Automation Anywhere’s target audience were interested in and their most significant pain points. This helped to shape an immersive content strategy, focused around the types of content the audience were already engaging with on Insights for Professionals.

With over 318 hours of content consumed, 13451 article views in the campaign timeframe and 578 downloads of Automation Anywhere whitepapers, guides and reports, Inbox Insight successfully engaged the target criteria within the IFP community. By utilizing bespoke intent technology, firmographic and profile data, Inbox Insight were able to ensure engagement with the right target audience for Automation Anywhere.

To ensure the relevant audience had received multiple digital touchpoints, Inbox Insight used a unique in-house lead scoring model, situated within a client-facing interactive real-time dashboard to track content engagement and to trigger targeted nurture sequences to engaged contacts. A user-engagement timeline provided to the client highlighted each content engagement with a score, which totals to a final lead score – the higher the score, the more engaged the user was with the clients content. The top prospect’s lead score was over 300, covering 46 separate touchpoints with the content. Further, over 30% of users engaged with 2 or more pieces of content on the IFP hub.

Customer Evaluation

When our BDR team followed up, the audience were extremely receptive, and the conversations quickly developed into appointments, pipeline and now significant ROI. These leads beat every other supplier we’ve ever worked with, in terms of quality – they are second only to the ‘request a quote’ form on our corporate website.

To find out more about how demand acceleration could benefit your business, click here.

To learn more about the Automation Anywhere campaign, read our case study

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