InboxINBOUND – An ‘Always On’ B2B Content Hub


Create an ‘always on’ category hub optimized for B2B Demand Generation


InboxINBOUND drives cut-through by curating all your best content onto one dedicated Category Hub.

This enables relevant audiences to access (in real-time) valuable content that aids decision making and builds trust.



As an extension of our IFP centralized publishing platform, our InboxINBOUND Hubs intercept a live audience with an active interest in your field of expertise.

Performance of your Category Hub is driven by audience insights such as action based intent, cross channel engagement tactics and B2B demand generation programs.

To understand the full potential of InboxINBOUND, let’s take a look at its 4 key elements…


B2B Content marketing digital hub

InboxINBOUND Hubs are the heart of your content marketing strategy.

Composed of 10 – 30 pieces of content around a specific topic, we’ll host your best content marketing resources (guides, whitepapers, infographics, videos, etc.) onto one easily accessible digital content hub.

Hubs are designed to help users self-educate around a specific topic, providing trustworthy resources that answer all their questions, based on their level of knowledge, and what more they need to understand.

While users build their knowledge, the platform allows us to gather intent data and personalize the content for each user.


B2B Content Marketing

Our Hubs leverage content marketing to build an effective B2B demand generation engine.

Category Hubs are a content-rich environment designed to feed into short- and long-tail keywords around specific search queries.

Programs cover content strategy & research, idea generation, content creation and design, to deliver on-page optimization on IFP.

We’ll populate the content hub with your content such as research papers, guides, eBooks, articles, infographics, blogs and videos, released against a pre-agreed content calendar.


Multi channel digital B2B demand generation campaigns

InboxINBOUND Hubs embrace multi-channel marketing tactics to drive B2B demand generation performance.

We use a combination of digital channels to amplify your content and help your message reach relevant business decision makers. We’ll leverage our own channels, as well as bringing together an integrated media plan, to deliver a campaign underpinned by our unique audience analysis data.

Targeted media and email marketing guide the customer journey, driving the users back into the Hub to continue engaging with content around a topic area.

We will then push users that have engaged with the hub, and built trust with your brand, through to your website via remarketing.

online dashboard of b2b content hub InboxINBOUND

Our Hubs leverage data as a primary B2B demand generation tactic.

Our all-in-one dashboard gives you a holistic overview of your campaign performance, boosting your B2B demand generation pipeline by delivering multiple touchpoints to educate your audience.

See which pages are the top performers for traffic, and which generate the most engagement. Track page performance and learn from user behavior to optimize your content marketing campaigns for longer duration, higher retention and better conversion.

If you would like to know more on our inbound marketing process, you can read up on it with our blogs on inbound marketing.

Deliver Brand Cut-through

By sponsoring the creation of this content and bringing it together underneath your brand umbrella, you position yourselves as industry experts.

You support the B2B buyer’s journey by providing them with deep, insightful and genuinely helpful content while leveraging the IFP brand as an impartial source known to the user.

Strategic Content Marketing

InboxINBOUND comes with enough content in each package to drive initial engagement, as well as any of your existing resources to run alongside.

We understand B2B demand generation and our hub content strategy is geared around creating content journeys that educate with insight throughout the research, consideration and conversion stages.

Data-driven Approach

The hub’s content strategy and media optimization is built around using first party intent data by design.

Our IFP community is comprised of 4.1m senior professionals and we can model your audience using this data to drive the right traffic across EMEA, US and APAC audiences.

This gives you the global reach and insights to keep your strategy bang on.


We have a briefing call to discuss your chosen category. By mapping the intent data against our audience we can understand their interests. We then craft content against an agreed content calendar.

Once the content is published we will target relevant audiences using Paid Social, Programmatic, Email and Video, and run an integrated media plan to drive your target audience to the hub.

Demand Generation Activities

Users land on the hub and engage with your content. Once signed up they can view as many whitepapers as they like without seeing any more gates – encouraging multi asset engagement.

CTAs in the articles drive users back into the hub to explore other content. When off-site, we use sequential tactics such as ads for the hub, content via remarketing and email workflows. Highly engaged users are driven to your website or landing pages.

Real-time Performance Measurement

We provide an analytics dashboard that shows you how the campaign is performing.

You can measure the number of opted in engagements you receive, and even see who they are and which pieces of content they have engaged with. This gives you the clarity to make informed decisions to drive better B2B demand generation performance.

We then model converters and build out audiences to drive the most relevant traffic.

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