B2B Digital Marketing Case Studies

Examples of Successful B2B Digital Marketing Campaigns

The following B2B marketing case studies show you how we achieved brand awareness and sales objectives through integrated digital marketing campaigns. Techniques such as demand generation, lead generation, email marketing and content marketing were used to get the results our clients ask us for.

iTESOFT Case Study

“Inbox Insight is the most effective partner for reaching our specific top tier audiences, delivering quality leads at volume.”

B2B marketing case study of iTESOFT

Automation Anywhere Case Study

“The audience were extremely receptive to our BDR team, and the conversations quickly developed into appointments, pipeline and significant ROI.”

Automation Anywhere b2b marketing case study

Kofax Case Study

“Inbox Insight has generated 4 strong opportunities, totalling $250k in pipeline. We are looking forward to growing this number.”

Kofax b2b marketing case study

BlackLine Case Study

“We used Inbox Insight to grow our marketing database through engaging with the right at people at the right time their purchasing journey.”

BlackLine b2b marketing case study

Paessler Case Study

“Working with Inbox Insight is a pleasure… the team never acts pushy and is always helpful, apparently knowing that the results will sell themselves.”

Paessler b2b marketing case study

EMR Case Study

“This has opened up loads of new opportunities to reach and engage our target audiences, helping us achieve more value from our content marketing.”

EMR b2b marketing case study

F5 Case Study

“We’re really happy with the high quality leads delivered. Inbox Insight’s ability to deliver Account-Based Marketing activities is excellent.”

F5 b2b marketing case study

Iron Mountain Case Study

““The lead quality is extremely good and the feedback…has been fantastic. Compared to the competition, these leads have already closed.”

Iron Mountain b2b marketing case study

IBM Watson Case Study

“After two quarters, we were already able to see several opportunities influenced by the campaigns we ran with Inbox Insight.”

IBM Watson b2b marketing case study

F-Secure Case Study

“The sales team and I have been pleased with the quality of the leads received…we’ve converted around 45% so far, which is fantastic.”

F-Secure b2b marketing case study
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