"Inbox Insight are the most effective partner for reaching our specific top tier audiences, delivering quality leads at volume. Our campaign 100% met our marketing objectives, as were our expectations in regards to customer service and account management."
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Campaign Pacing
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Client Profile:

Sector: Finance

Market Offering: Leader in Business Process Automation

Core Benefits:

  • Reduced cost and time management
  • Compliance with legislation and audibility
  • Minimized errors and fraud risks

Target Audience: Finance & Administrative decision makers

Why Inbox Insight?

After reviewing campaigns Inbox Insight had delivered for similar competitors such as Kofax, it was evident Inbox Insight had both the best fit audiences along with the most efficient methods for engaging them.


ITESOFT needed a partner that would enable them to reach a very specific top tier of companies and engage them with their content. They also needed to uncover specific problems and priorities within in their tightly defined audiences in order to identify the best fit opportunities.

Campaign Objectives:

The primary objective of ITESOFT’s campaign was to generate 200 qualified leads over a 12 week period.

Campaign Strategy

Client Content

The campaign leveraged 3 primary content assets as key engagement drivers among a specific target audience in France. Having a mix of formats opened up the opportunity to provide content experiences conducive to audience engagement.




Job Function:


Industry Sectors


Employee Size:


Content Assets

ITESOFT Campaign Content

Inbox Insight analyzed ITESOFT’s content, alongside their targeting criteria, to identify best fit audiences within their IFP community of B2B decision makers and buyers.

This was achieved through interrogating thousands of real-time digital signals captured on their centralized IFP content platform and overlaying these with active knowledge of their opted in readership, on both account and individual levels.

Through this process, Inbox Insight were able to ascertain the most receptive audiences within ITESOFT’s top tier targets that demonstrate an active interest in the topic areas covered by ITESOFT’s chosen assets.


Brand Profile on the IFP Platform

In order to reinforce ITESOFT’s credibility as a thought leader among Finance and Administrative decision makers on IFP, Inbox Insight created a brand profile.

This helped to assert ITESOFT’s credibility in the field of Fintech by positioning them alongside other key industry thought leaders.

The 3 assets were hosted alongside the profile, enabling easy access to readers with an active interest in ITESOFT.

But it didn’t stop there…

Through intelligent tagging of the content, Inbox Insight were able to put the assets directly in front of the right audiences showing intent against

specific topic areas identified in ITESOFT’s content. This was executed with great accuracy through the recommendation engine driving the IFP user experience.

This enabled Inbox Insight to deliver the right content, to the right audiences at the right time in their self-guided research.

Inclusions in Specialist Industry Bulletins and 1-1 Targeted Email:

To drive further engagement, the 3 assets were scheduled into Inbox Insight’s specialist industry bulletins and 1-1 email program, where an established readership were reached via their preferred means of communication:

This multifaceted approach guided by content intelligence, enabled Inbox Insight to execute ITESOFT’s campaign with greater precision and efficiency.

Additional Audience Intelligence Gathering:

The following survey was leveraged to prefilter leads while the use of custom profilers provided ITESOFT the opportunity to gather audience intelligence that transcends traditional business card details.

This would enable them to pass valuable insights onto their internal sales teams, so they could prioritize best opportunities, while tailoring the most effective nurture processes.


Weekly lead update reports were scheduled and delivered for every Thursday, giving ITESOFT a steady flow of fresh pipeline opportunities.

ITESOFT Email #3


Performance overview

ITESOFT’s campaign delivered a strong performance, delivering 200 leads within the set campaign timeframe. ITESOFT’s content resonated well with a range of company sizes. Targeting 500+ employees, the campaign attracted leads from 4 qualifying bandings with 5000+ proving the most popular company size.

Of the three assets used in this campaign, Turn Supplier Invoice Processing into a Competitive Advantage [Whitepaper] delivered the best conversion rate, generating 85 MQLs. The remaining 57% of MQLs was split evenly between the other two assets.

Content Engagements per Asset:

ITESOFT Content Charts

Customer Evaluation:

Inbox Insight helped us meet our marketing objectives 100%. We have been delighted with the quality of the contacts supplied, along with the level of accuracy. 

Compared to other suppliers, Inbox Insight have both superior reach and volume of the specific top tier audiences we wanted to engage. We were also impressed with the level of customer service and account management. It is important to us to have a good relationship with our suppliers and strong communication is key to this. 

Inbox Insight were very quick to respond to all our enquiries, providing the right information at key touchpoints in our campaign. They have also continued to be responsive to our enquiries post campaign end. 

As all our expectations have been met entirely, we have recommended Inbox Insight to our UK branch, who are soon to launch further campaigns.

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