What is Content Syndication in B2B Marketing?

What is Content Syndication in B2B Marketing?

Buzzwords have taken over the marketing world and the lines between content marketing and content syndication have become blurred. These are both concepts that are discussed widely among marketing experts but content syndication in particular can be a misunderstood concept.

The ‘rise’ of content syndication means that great content is no longer enough. You need to more than just create content, you need to make sure that it’s seen.

The term syndication means:

To publish simultaneously, or supply for simultaneous publication, in a number of newspapers or other periodicals in different places: Her column is syndicated in 120 papers. – Dictionary.com

This, however, is a very basic dictionary definition of the term syndication and since its inception the term ‘syndication’ and has been adapted to meet the needs of B2B lead generation.

What is content syndication?

As defined by B2B Digital Marketing:

Content syndication refers to distributing content through publishers and requiring registration in order to capture contacts. – B2B Content Marketing

With an ever saturated digital world, ensuring your content reaches the right people at the right time is an ever-evolving battle for B2B marketers. Developing your content sharing strategy to incorporate content syndication can be a valuable use of time and resources in terms of promoting your whitepapers and eBooks on other websites and via email marketing campaigns in order to reach a wider, and more targeted, audience.

The benefits of content syndication for whitepapers

If you’re seeking to gain additional exposure and to increase visibility, then syndication is definitely one strategy that can help to achieve this. By reaching a new audience with gated content, you can reach out to potential prospects that you wouldn’t have had access to before and line your sales funnel with fresh leads.

Not only are you able to reach a wider audience, but content syndication provides a cost effective way of leveraging your whitepapers this way. By partnering with specialist sites, your content is able to reach a wider, more targeted audience which provides a more focused outreach for each piece of content.

Content syndication targeting is much more accurate and effective than standard content marketing. When it comes to partnering with companies who provide content syndication, you will be in a position to choose define your lead criteria and receive only relevant leads for your sales funnel. The screening process incorporated within content syndication will also save time when it comes to reviewing results.

Additional content syndication tips

  • Content syndication needs to be part of an overall strategy, don’t rely on it as your sole income for potential prospects.
  • The ulterior motive behind content syndication is to generate leads but by doing so you need to first build relationships with prospective buyers. Providing helpful and informative whitepaper – and avoiding a more aggressive approach to displaying your products or services – will work in your favour. This isn’t a sales pitch and so shouldn’t be treated like one. Producing high quality whitepapers it’s the best first step to creating high quality leads.

To learn more about B2B targeting and for some useful tips, download our whitepaper: 7 Pillars of Successful Demand Generation

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