Enhancing B2B Sales for MarTech Vendors: Leveraging Intent Intelligence and Market Trends [Infographic]

This infographic provides key insights for MarTech vendors aiming to boost their B2B sales. It combines first-party research with third-party data to outline key trends and strategies for enhancing marketing effectiveness.

    Infographic on B2B sales for MarTech: marketing strategies, audience insights, ops challenges, investment priorities, trending topics

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    • Key challenges: Among the challenges faced by marketing operations experts are data cleansing, merging legacy systems, and pinpointing the most relevant metrics. The foremost operational challenges identified include maximizing data utility, integrating tools seamlessly, and generating precise reports
    • Investment priorities: Looking ahead, data analytics and marketing automation emerge as primary investment areas, with 38.76% and 37.80% of marketers respectively planning significant budget allocations toward these tools. It’s worth noting that businesses are prepared to dedicate up to 25% of their budgets towards new technologies, with investments in MarTech solutions ranging between $50,000 and $250,000 for numerous companies
    • Content and intent trends: High-impact content types feature guides on digital asset management, marketing tools, and data management practices. Demand surges have been observed in areas such as marketing tools, data classification, and email marketing software, especially in the North American and EMEA regions
    • Actionable insights: With this data at their disposal, MarTech vendors can devise precise marketing strategies targeting areas of heightened interest and aligning their content with the preferences of their audience. Utilizing intent data effectively allows vendors to communicate the right message to the appropriate accounts at the optimal moment, thereby boosting engagement and propelling sales forward

    By implementing these insights, MarTech vendors can optimize their strategies to meet the evolving needs of their target markets, thereby securing a competitive edge over competitors.

    Ross Howard

    As the Product Director at Inbox Insight, Ross specialises in creating strategic engagement solutions for B2B marketers. He enthusiastically discusses how content, data, and buyer behavior align to drive growth for companies.
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