Inbox Insight Recognized as Leader for Insight-Powered Lead Generation Services on G2

LONDON, UK – Inbox Insight, a leading provider of AI-powered lead generation services, has been named a Leader for Lead Generation on the G2 review site. According to the Spring 2024 G2 Grid report for Lead Generation Software, Inbox Insight received high satisfaction scores from verified users compared to services in the same category.

The report analyzed reviews from real users to determine which lead generation services are the highest rated and most loved by customers. Inbox Insight was recognized as a Leader, receiving positive reviews for its AI lead enrichment technology, sales acceleration solutions, and easy-to-use platform.

We are thrilled to be named a Leader for lead generation services on G2,” said Jamie Hendrie, CEO of Inbox Insight. “This recognition reflects our commitment to delivering innovative lead generation solutions that supercharge sales and marketing teams. Our insight-powered services help companies identify their best prospects, enrich leads with actionable insights, and engage key stakeholders to drive revenue growth.

Key factors that contributed to Inbox Insight’s high ratings include its lead verification technology, predictive lead scoring, and integration capabilities. The services leverage AI to verify and enrich leads with essential contact and company data to focus sales efforts on qualified prospects.

“Inbox Insight has been invaluable for scaling our ability to identify and engage prospects earlier in the buying cycle,” said a VP of Sales in their G2 review. “Lead verification and enrichment helps us prioritize the leads that are most likely to convert.

To learn more about how Inbox Insight’s insight-powered lead generation services can help your sales and marketing teams accelerate pipeline and revenue, visit

Ross Howard

As the Product Director at Inbox Insight, Ross specialises in creating strategic engagement solutions for B2B marketers. He enthusiastically discusses how content, data, and buyer behavior align to drive growth for companies.
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