Inbox Insight Wins Prestigious Netty Award for Revolutionary Campaign in the Demand Generation Category with Proprietary AI Model DemandBI

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Inbox Insight has been won the esteemed Netty Award for our pioneering work in the Demand Generation category. The Netty Awards, renowned for setting benchmarks of excellence in the digital realm, recognize top organizations and leaders that exemplify creativity, technical skill, and innovation.

DemandBI: Accelerating Demand Generation through AI Insights

Winners of:

  • Best B2B Email Campaign
  • Best Integrated Campaign (Enterprise)
  • Best Predictive Analytics Implementation
  • Best Use of Data in Integrated Campaigns

Special honoree for:

  • Best Content Marketing for Lead Generation
  • Best Cross-Platform Advertising Strategy

Our team’s dedication to redefining the B2B marketing landscape has been recognized by one of the most respected names in the industry, and we couldn’t be more proud,” expressed Jamie Hendrie, CEO. The use of cutting-edge AI-driven natural language processing and our proprietary scoring model represents our steadfast commitment to lead quality and targeting relevance. Winning the Netty Award for our DemandBI initiative is a reflection of our mission to deliver personalized and strategic insights, empowering our clients to outperform their competition.

Our award-winning entry, DemandBI, is a testament to our commitment to innovation, showcasing the successful integration of storytelling and data analytics to provide deep insights into B2B topics, revolutionize demand generation, and enhance content tagging and campaign optimization. The application of AI-driven natural language processing and machine learning algorithms for precise content clustering and job title recognition sets our campaign apart by enabling highly targeted, strategic engagement for our clients’ accounts.

The Netty Awards recipients are selected for their extraordinary achievements, including their creativity, technical proficiency, and innovation, marking a significant achievement in their respective fields. Inbox Insight’s win is not just an award, but an acknowledgment of our tireless efforts, groundbreaking thinking, and the devotion instilled into the DemandBI methodology. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our exceptional team, whose passion for innovation made this achievement a reality, and to our clients, whose continuous support fuels our mutual growth.

For additional information about Inbox Insight and our award-winning DemandBI campaign, please visit

About The Netty Awards

Established to recognize and applaud extraordinary accomplishments in the digital era, the Netty Awards are among the digital industry’s most prestigious and credible endorsements. Honoring the very best over a spectrum of over 100 distinct categories, the Netty Awards are dedicated to celebrating companies and leaders that stand out for their creative, innovative, and impactful contributions.

Ross Howard

As the Product Director at Inbox Insight, Ross specialises in creating strategic engagement solutions for B2B marketers. He enthusiastically discusses how content, data, and buyer behavior align to drive growth for companies.
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