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Content is the lifeblood of B2B digital marketing strategy. Here’s why…

More than ever, B2B decision makers are taking the time to thoroughly research their options before engaging with your brand.

This means you need to engage with your audience earlier, whilst demonstrating value and showing how you understand their needs better than anyone else.

But crafting authentic, original content takes a lot of time and resources – two things many marketers lack. In fact, that’s why most content strategies fail before they deliver the ROI expected.

So why not let us do the hard work for you?


Creating genuinely useful content your prospects want to read is far more likely to engage your audience. Taking this notion and aligning the right content to your engagement goals, you can achieve a wealth of profitable opportunities:

  • Build awareness of your brand expertise and knowledge
  • Shape demand by educating your market
  • Build trusted relationships with your audience
  • Cultivate new business opportunities and brand advocates

From high quality whitepapers to snackable eBooks and irresistible infographics, we create the best content to help you achieve your goals.


What’s that winning hook that will grab your audience’s attention and revolutionize the way they perceive your brand?

Writing and publishing technical B2B content is one of our key specialisms. We’ll approach your subject matter from a fresh perspective, finding the hook that tells the most compelling story.

Our thought leadership programs use a combination of in-depth market research and acute analysis to produce cutting-edge content in your chosen subject area.

The published findings of surveys and analyst reports are optimized through highly digestible graphs and data visualizations, making it even easier for your readers to draw meaning.

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Address your audience directly

Reap the value of content specifically written for your target audience.

We begin all of our content projects by mapping your goals and brand messaging against the interests of your chosen professional communities via the use of digital intent signals.

Applying this learning to the content creation process means that you have a head start in engaging those professionals with relevant, valuable information they want to read.

Editorial experience

Choose InboxCREATE and receive high quality content with a meticulous level of accuracy.

Our team of copywriters and editors, produce, publish (and polish) content on behalf of prestigious brands across the globe, working within even the strictest of brand guidelines and to all manner of briefs.

Whatever your topic, format or content funnel goal, we translate your content strategy into a winning piece of content primed for profitable engagement.

Spellbinding storytelling

You could have the most ground breaking new insight to share with your potential customers, but unless you can craft it into a compelling message that resonates deeply, your content will go unnoticed.

Our talented copywriters and strategists will work with you to capture the unique value your brand offers your audience, helping to bring it to life throughout your content marketing.

Content Strategy

As digital marketing experts, we always start with objectives. What are you trying to achieve? Who are your target audience? How do you want them to engage?

Tell us your goals and we translate them into a content plan that combines the right tactics with timely insight from our professional communities. This sharp strategic focus enables us to achieve successful campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brand names.

Content Creation

We kick off by reviewing any existing research, content or data such as what your competitors are doing. We then research our own community intent data to identify the most popular topics trending among your chosen audiences.

Throughout the process, you steer creative control. We’ll pay close attention to your branding and tone of voice guidelines, ensuring everything we produce is consistent with your brand and values.

Content Optimization

As digital content specialists, we know what works and what doesn’t.

Not only do we produce copy of the highest quality, that is accurate and relevant to your chosen audiences, we also enhance it for digital consumption.

From keyword optimization to sharable bitesize social media formats, we help you leverage even more value from your content.

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“This has opened up loads of new opportunities to reach and engage our target audiences, helping us achieve more value from our content marketing efforts.“

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