How to Make Your Subscribers Fall in Love with You

How to Make Your Subscribers Fall in Love with You

Building a subscriber list is more than just collecting a bunch of emails, it’s a channel in which you can engage and connect with potential or current clients. Essentially, a subscriber list is one of your company’s most valuable assets. After a lead generation campaign finishes, and you’ve gathered all the email addresses into a list, what do you do with them next? How do you keep them engaged? And how do you nurture those potential buyers?

This blog post is going to look at how you can make your subscribers fall in love with you.

Step 1 – Get To Know Them

Before you can do anything else, you need to get to know your subscribers. You can’t jump the first date and go straight to the second. Embrace this for what it is and gather the valuable intelligence you need in order to initiate phase two of your seduction.

FACT: B2B emails are more effective and more likely to engage its recipient if they are personalised.

TIP: Getting to know your subscribers via their habits is an alternative method to simply using their first name – recommending content based on previous interests is a great way to go about this.

Step 2 – Be Memorable

As you get to know your subscribers, it’s important that they get to know you. You need to ensure that they not only know who you are but that you’re memorable too. Creating a lasting impression is easy enough – provide them with something of value. For many B2B businesses, the constant search for useful content is insatiable, so providing them topical and helpful articles is one way to go about this.

FACT: Clear branding will help your subscribers not only remember you but identify you in the future.

TIP: It’s important that you stand out from the crowd. Take a look at what your competition is doing and try to think about how you can do it better, or think outside the box and try something different.

Step 3 – Create Trust

Your subscribers won’t be able to engage with you if they don’t trust you. You need to build a reputation that’s reliable. Thought leadership content is a great place to start. Be honest and open with your subscribers and don’t give them any reason to think you’re holding back.

FACT: If a brand is known for being trustworthy, reputation and word of mouth will be a more effective marketing tool.

TIP: Take on board customer feedback whether it’s positive or negative and demonstrate to your subscribers how you’ve incorporated changes as a result of this.

Step 4 – Listen And Be Communicative

All successful relationships are built on an ability to listen to each other and provide support when necessary. By listening to what your subscribers have to say, you will be creating an environment in which they feel valued. For B2B businesses, this is even more important as any dismissive attitude could lose you a potential future customer and will undo the nurturing you have already done.

FACT: Subscribers who feel they are valued by brands are more likely to spend money with them.

TIP: Create an open dialogue with your subscribers and actively invite them to have their say on a wide range of topics. Be communicative and tell them about upcoming events, offers and inside information that they wouldn’t know otherwise.

Step 5 – Show That You Care

If you subscriber is feeling valued as an individual, they’re more likely to continue to receive your communications and consider you for future purchases. By analysing your subscriber data and learning form individual behaviour patterns, you can tailor your marketing campaign to meet their needs.

FACT: B2B prospects are often considering higher value purchases than their B2C counterparts, so will need more nurturing.

TIP: Providing freebies such as eBooks and whitepapers are a great way of showing that you care – provided they are relevant to that particular subscriber.

Step 6 – Tell Them You Appreciate Them

Once you have a fulfilling relationship up and running with your subscriber base, nothing makes them feel more special than telling individuals how much you appreciate them. This can go a long way to cementing the publisher-subscriber relationship and will help your subscribers to feel connected to you.

FACT: Constantly talking about yourself will put people off. Turning the tables and talking about them every once in a while will help to keep them engaged.

TIP: Demonstrate how much the subscription of your subscriber’s means to you by showing them what you’ve managed to achieve as a result of their unwavering support. Make them feel special and connected with you, tell them how much you appreciate them.

Dan Smith

In his role of Head of Campaign Strategy at Inbox Insight, Dan helps B2B marketers plan, design, activate and measure integrated demand generation campaigns that are powered by intent data and account insights. His experience stretches across lead generation, paid digital media and content creation.
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