The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Seen on Lead Generation

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Seen on Lead Generation

Like all things in marketing, there is a wealth of advice and opinions on how to do this and how to do that but sometimes we shouldn’t believe everything we’re told. As lead generation specialists, we know what works and what doesn’t.

We’ve been hard at work scouring the internet to find the worst advice out there so we can help you avoid falling into those potentially costly pitfalls.

Be cautious when filling your new business pipeline

If you pile your sales funnel with leads without having a team available to follow them up, then leads will of course expire – but it’s crucial that there is a focus on lead scoring to determine the difference between ‘active’ prospects and ‘de-active’ prospects. Most companies don’t push their leads to the necessary level to provide high quality prospects, which is where a targeted lead nurturing program can come into it’s own. But the most important thing is that a marketing department is always focused on not only lead quality, but also lead numbers, to ensure that outbound activity is going to newly or recently engaged prospects.

You need in-house lead generation specialists

Some companies fear an outsourced lead generation company or telesales team would fail to represent their brand accurately. This is perhaps an understandable fear, but one that is unnecessary. Lead generation specialists, such as ourselves, act as an extension of the business and will also ensure that your brands’ values are at the forefront of any campaign. Outsourcing also ensures that leads are of a higher quality which reduces the number of dead-end opportunities. This will involve conversations about who you target, customisations to your qualifying criteria and step by step support throughout the whole process.

Content doesn’t matter

Producing the right type of content can ensure that the two most important elements of lead generation – quality and quantity – are achieved. By producing content based around your target market’s needs and pain points, marketers begin to place themselves and their company in a ‘consultancy’ position, instead of just ‘shouting’ at potential prospects. Educating a market place with informative content, we find, is key to the success of many lead generation campaigns. Although the phrase “content is king” is arguably overused, it’s still an incredibly powerful mantra for marketers to use today. If you need help with content creation, why not get in touch with one of our B2B content specialists.

Your buyer persona should be set in stone

This is the age of evolution. Everything is constantly changing and this means that everything is forced to adapt to new challenges, new markets and new audiences. Personas must be flexible and be allowed to develop alongside the company. If a persona is set in stone then it will become impossible to look for potential leads in other areas. Developing different personas will allow you to broaden your clientele and expand your business.

You can’t track lead generation success

Tracking success should be a top priority. If you can’t track it, then it seems almost pointless doing it. Companies require metrics and analytics to help make the right decisions for future campaigns. When working on a lead generation campaign, make sure you have access to quantitative data at every turn, that way you can modify your tactics, provide fresh ideas and, more importantly, know what works for you.

Here we have debunked five of the most common lead generation myths, proving that there are more efficient and profitable ways to help provide your team with a strong sales funnel. By understanding how an effective lead generation campaign works, you will be set to make critical decisions that will enable you to run a successful campaign.

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